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Innisfil, ON, Canada

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Drag-on Dynos was conceived by 2 long time friends that have been involved in riding since 1968.

They rode everything from mini-bikes to trials bikes, dirt bikes and then of course street bikes.

They both worked on these machines and became quite proficient at maintenance, repair and modification.

That said and done, racing of all types was done anywhere and everywhere and at the drop of a hat.

Fortunately no one ever got hurt badly. Yes there were accidents but times were different and in the earlier years of their

riding history as the bikes were much different and less powerful. There also were less vehicles on the road.

One of our directors is a licenced  310-G technician and machinist having spent 30 years plus in these and related industries has seen too many motorcycles come across his bench or shop destroyed because of speed or rider errors. These two things are the biggest cause of accidents, injury and death.

So the discussion began and the Virtual Drag Race Trailer was conceived to allow drag racing in complete safety.

Lets get racing off of the streets and onto our trailer where actual racing can go on in total safety without moving anywhere.

Time sheets will be given to all racers and will include items such as reaction time for the start of the race, !/4 mile time, top speed and actual horsepower at the rear wheel. Drag-on Dynos In Innisfil, Drag-on Dynos Performance,

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Drag-on Dynos Corp.

The only side by side Mobile Virtual Drag Race for Motorcycles in Canada