• ​Virtual Quarter Mile Drag Race (3 Runs)​
  • Virtual Quarter Mile Drag Race Competitive (Event based only)
  • Virtual Quarter Mile Drag Race Competitive (Season Based)
  • Clothing (t-shirts, hoodies, ball caps, hats etc.)
  • Drag-on Dynos embroidered crests, decals
  • Custom etched  souvenir items (drinking glasses, shot glasses, lighters etc.)
  • Custom Drag-on Dynos Leather goods (belts, wallets, crests)

Many more items to be announced.

The only side by side Mobile Virtual Drag Race for Motorcycles in Canada

Drag-on Dynos Racing

  • 4:52
Drag-on Dynos Corp.
Innisfil, ON, Canada
  • Performance parts, bolt on
  • Performance parts and installation
  • Performance tuning and diagnostics
  • General repairs, tune ups, Oil Changes and More

​Many more services and items to be announced.